Why we want Pre-Gateway scrapped

Proposals for high rise development in Warriewood Valley are getting out of control!

Breaking News!


Earlier concerns about overdevelopment resulted in a Strategic Review.  The Warriewood Valley Strategic Review was completed 2013 and endorsed by both Pittwater Council and the NSW Department of Planning & Infrastructure. To stop any further overdevelopment residents accepted a 20% increase (32 dwellings/Ha).

So why do we continue to get proposals that fly in the face of this review?

It seems the developers have the view that they can continue to obtain approval for buildings through Spot Rezoning that are completely at odds with the agreed Strategic Review. The Review limited maximum development to 32 dwellings, yet we are now seeing massive proposals of up to 98 dwellings/Ha. An increase of 300%!

Is this a precursor to what we would see if the new proposed NSW planning laws were approved?

Why was such a long and significantly costly Strategic Review conducted when it is not being honoured?

Why are the Planning Minister and his Department squandering our taxes by ignoring the outcome of their own Strategic Review of Warriewood Valley?

  • Many residents feel misled. They bought into a new area that had an award winning government approved plan for development of the Valley that limited the density
  • In Macpherson St we already have an example of gross over-development.
    We don’t want any more!
  • Traffic and parking are already a problem. No upgrades are planned to support the increase.
  • We already experience gridlock at a number of intersections during peak hours in local streets Jacksons Rd, Boondah Rd, Ponderosa Pde, Apollo St, Jubilee Ave, Powderworks Rd, Garden St and Pittwater Rd etc. This will only get worse.
  • Public transport already cannot cope, so there will be even more cars on the road.
  • Schools are at capacity and cannot accommodate more children.
  • Hospital waiting times are already stretched. Most local doctors have closed their books.



2 thoughts on “Why we want Pre-Gateway scrapped

  1. I picked up a flyer outside Kmart last week, signed the petition and wondered why there were no email addresses to contact Haddad or Hazzard? Phone calls are useless but I’ll now send an email to each of them!!

    Let’s fight for infrastructure before ANY ok is given!! Let’s find the real push behind this (there’s always something going on behind the ministers) and expose it!!

    I’ll help if I can!!

    Margaret xxx

    Posted by Margaret Weeks | March 17, 2014, 5:58 am
  2. Why don’t you move if you d not like it or buy the area yourselves. If you get a job it will take your mind off other peoples business. Good idea to get the Chinese in and get the area moving. You do not own it.

    Posted by sue | March 12, 2014, 5:03 am

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