Why we are fighting Meriton

Yet another application for a further 600+ units has been lodged with Pittwater Council (7th June 2013) in the form of a Planning Proposal to rezone land along Warriewood Road and Macpherson St to allow development at some 3 times the density agreed to in the recent Warriewood Valley Strategic Review.

You have until 3rd July to lodge a submission with Council. Click here to visit the application on Council’s web site. See the WRA submission here.

Some concerned residents are seen on the corner of Warriewood Rd and Macpherson street below.

Rally 31Aug13 sml

Meriton Stage 2

Meriton Property Management Pty Ltd have shown total disregard for the existing residents of Warriewood, Pittwater Council, the Council’s current planning policies, and the Warriewood Valley Planning Framework (that was developed over a number of years as a joint effort by Council staff and extensive community consultation).

Through the use of the now defunct part 3A planning legislation (introduced by the previous government, and now repealed by the current government), their current development has been built at nearly 3 times the planned density for the area (60 dwelling per Ha rather than the planned 25 dwellings per Ha)

Meriton Stage 1 750 pix

As if this isn’t enough to make a lot of our blood boil, their latest DA for Stage 2 of what you see above illustrates their complete disrespect for the community by lodging it just days before Christmas, when I’sure they hope we will all be pre-occupied with the festive season and important family celebrations. A number of you will have received letters from Pittwater Council, advising that the plans are available for viewing from 22 December to 31 January, and for those that did not they can be viewed here. The letter invites our comment, and clearly we should do so.

While we know this time of the year is very hectic for us all, please make the time to express your views, even if it is only a brief submission, to Council.

Submissions  (before 31 Jan) should be addressed to :

The General Manager, Pittwater Council, PO Box 882, Mona Vale, NSW 1660

Some of the issues from our initial examination of the DA are summarised below:

  • Council’s LEP limits the total number of dwellings for Buffer Sector 3 (The Meriton Site is now known as 3a) to between 135 to 142. The Warriewood Valley Planning Framework 2010 increased that number to 193 with Buffer Sector 3a being allocated 186 (25 dwellings/Ha). The current Stage 1 developed so far is 226 dwellings and the proposed Stage 2 is 221 dwellings making a total of 447 at 60 dwellings/Ha. The WRA continue to maintain that this is simply gross over development of the area.
  • The Flood Study recently completed for the Warriewood Valley Strategic Review indicates that the flood levels for the Warriewood Valley have not been re-modeled since 2005 (prior this major increase in dwellings for this area of the valley). While the Developers consultant may well offer assurances that the Developer’s project will not flood, the impact of this huge development needs to be independently  assessed in it’s potential to create flooding risks in other parts of the valley because of it’s position and potential impact on the flow of water through the Warriewood Valley. A development of this size was never part of the plan and was therefore never considered in the original flood modeling that was done for the valley. As a result of the Strategic Review, other development in the valley is currently being held up over SES concerns over evacuation in the event of a major flood. Clearly this development must also be affected in the same way, and this must be taken into account in consideration of this DA.
  • The conditions in the PAC approval for the stage 1 project re landscaping seem to be quite inadequate based on what we have seen to date, and this should not be carried through to stage 2. In regard to the existing Angophora trees, the deep soil areas need to be closely monitored. Further, the trees shown must be similar and type as shown on elevations in the Statement of Environmental Effects within 2 years of the project’s completion and a bond lodged to protect the landscaping for 10 years.
  • It is not clear what land is to be dedicated to Pittwater Council in return for a credit against otherwise payable section 94 contributions by the developer. Given that the credit amounts to $2.899,000, we trust this land will be of real use to the people of Warriewood and not isolated, flood prone or inaccessible for some other reason.
  • The following is quoted from the PAC decision on the concept plan for Stage 2: “The Commission notes Pittwater Council’s concern that the proposed development relies on road improvement works included in Council’s Section 94 Plan and many of these works have since been removed due to the development contribution cap. In this regard the Commission considers it is appropriate that the Stage 2 development application should demonstrate that the road improvement works that may be necessary to accommodate the project would be implemented before the intake of residents for Stage 2.” We need clarification of how the current DA complies with this requirement.
  • The same PAC approval above goes on to say: “Having regard to the challenges of road access and public transport in the area the proposed parking provision in the concept plan is considered insufficient. The Commission believes the parking rates required by Council’s DP 21 are more appropriate and should apply to the site.” Our initial review of the DA suggests that the DA does not provide for the number of visitors car parks required by DCP 21, and falls short by 28, despite the DCP compliance report submitted by the applicant with the DA that states it “complies”.

A copy of the WRA Submission can be downloaded here

Several members of the WRA spoke at the JRPP meeting on 17 April against the approval of Stage 2, and their presentations can be downloaded here


3 thoughts on “Why we are fighting Meriton

  1. I am truly astonished at the Pittwater Council’s lack of preventative action to curtail Meriton’s ridiculous plans for multi-story flats. I am even more annoyed that the council placed an advert in the local press the day before the Christmas break requesting residents to comment. This smacks of ….. (edited by moderator).

    Meriton, what a joke, years after their promise to repair the damage their trucks did the length of Garden Street – it is still a mess!

    It is a tragedy that we have …… (edited by moderator – the Meriton development was approved by the NSW Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) not Council). They want Warriewood to look like an over built inner city chanty town – cement, cement, and more cement! They even wanted to take our great boondah reserve and build on it!

    Hmm, I wonder if a solution could be to insist that Meriton’s directors, and supporting …. (edited by moderator) planners should be forced to live in their proposed high rise flats – if so, just watch them run from their stupid money grabbing proposal.

    If this note offends any council planner, or Meriton employee….Great!

    Posted by Moray | February 2, 2013, 4:08 am
  2. Susan, your story of the early days of the Valley is fascinating. Please contact me, Merryn, 9999 3414.

    Posted by Merryn Parnell | January 30, 2013, 10:11 am
  3. As a 3rd generation resident in the Valley, my family delivered your papers since l940, our Newsagency and Post office serviced the peole of the Valley, even in l973, when my father was robbed at Gunpoint by Mad Dog Cox we had queues 40 long to get into our post office. My family filled in the banking forms for Warriewood Residents who could not write English (nobody at the Narrabeen Post office would do it for them) and thus as we were a Commonwealth Bank Agency (and the CBA wouldnt fill in forms for the Valley ethnic community) we took large sums of money from the Valley residents and Dad and his 90 year old father were robbed, twice. My father aged 24 was called back from his service in the Airforce in New Guinea by the Government to run the post office as my grandparents were at breaking point running the Post office, General Store newsagency without him., It was my fathers sad duty to personally deliver the telegrams to the people of the valley who had lost love ones in the 2nd world war, he said his car driving up your driveway in the valley was not a welcome site,but my 24 year old father would not leave that duty to the young l7 year old Telegraph messenger on a bike.

    So, with that history and my proud link to that history, I am SICKENED that overdevelopment has been allowed ONLY FOR DEVELOPER GREED, in this once peaceful, food bowl. The Warriewood Valley once serviced the entire region of Sydney with Tomatos. Boondah Road is practically all thats left of this once beautiful valley and a retirement home with a view of the SEWAGE plant isnt something that old folks should be allowed to difnify their remaining years, nor should the POOR which we are told are to inhabit these establishements be made to live next door to a sewage treatment plant, is the childrens CRECHE still proposed for inside one of the buildings? or did sanithy prevail. These GREED DRIVEN over development future ghettoes, should have PARKING FOR ONE CAR PER BEDROOM RATIO…….THE POOR WE ARE TOLD AND THE ELDERLY SHOULDNT HAVE CARS.



    Posted by susan colvin | January 28, 2013, 2:51 am

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