Roads and Transport

Your committee has written to the council about the following:

  • Congestion at the Apollo Road junction
  • Warriewood Road and Brands Lane
  • Access to the Meriton site
  • Condition of the round-about in Garden Street
  • Hazardous line marking in front of the Meriton Apartments
  • Warriewood’s Kamikaze corner at the junction of Macpherson and Garden Street
  • Safety on the road where Warriewood Creek floods Macpherson Street
  • Pavement quality at the corner of Macpherson and Warriewood Roads
  • The removal of “3t Load limit” and “No Stopping” Signs in Ponderosa Pde and MacPherson St.

We have also had our local South Ward Councilor Kay Millar make representation to Council on some of these matters.  Unfortunately the response from Council has been to make superficial improvements to the easy ones but has responded that they have them on plans for 2013-14 or when the developer pays.

Other road issues:

Macpherson Street, at the dip over Narrabeen Creek is very dangerous after flooding. There is nowhere to either jog or walk safely. All pedestrians must move to the centre of the road to pass. This creates significant danger from traffic.   The grass footpath path on the southern side of the road is always flooded after rain. Has the drainage ever been looked at?  This is a simple solution to a very dangerous situation.

Garden Street is still a mess, despite some recent repairs. We have been told that we must wait for developers to pay for it to be fixed properly, but there are some parts of Garden St that will never be fixed by developers, because the development has already happened and the roads were not fixed at the time, and some of it has no planned development in front of it, (eg the eastern side of the northern end of Garden St). So why is it not being fixed properly now, instead of wasting money on patch up repairs that do not last?

Safe cycling on Warriewood Valley Roads

The roads of Warriewood used to be wide and safe for cycling.  With the increase in traffic, it seems the cyclist and safe cycling was forgotten. Concrete extrusions were added to the side of the road with the effect that the cyclist has no option but to go from the curb to the middle of the road, holding up the traffic – cars, buses and trucks.  If these extrusions had a gap in them near the curb cyclist could continue to ride safely near the curb and the traffic could proceed without being held up by cyclists.  We hope the council begins to consider safe cycling on those roads. There was a cycle lane marked on the road outside the Anglican retirement village. This has now faded away. It was hoped this marked lane was the beginning of the council change in attitude to cyclists. We will ask council when the lane marking is to be repaired and if there is the intention to add lane marking elsewhere.


One thought on “Roads and Transport

  1. I agree totally with your comments about the Northern end of Garden Street. The development seems to be on hold and unlikely to proceed for sometime. DOES THAT MEAN WE HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THE INCREDIBLY DANGEROUS CONDITION OF THE ROAD FOR YEARS TO COME. What is planned for the East side, where there is no developer to pay? Garden St resident

    Posted by Paul Watehouse | January 11, 2013, 10:36 am

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