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The Warriewood Residents Association (WRA) was established by a number of concerned residents, who became seriously concerned about the potential over development of the Warriewood Valley as a result of the State Government’s then Part 3A legislation. This legislation had the potential to allow the approval of development well beyond the original planned residential density. While this legislation has since been repealed, a Strategic Review initiated by the PAC and the Dept of Planning & Infrastructure, still had the potential to threaten significant over development of the remaining land in the Valley, and were are determined to see this revert to the original Planning Framework for the Valley.

We didn’t quite manage to hold the previously planned densities, and we reluctantly agreed to an increase in some areas to ensure the recent Strategic Review could be adopted, and thus prevent some of the gross over-development that was being proposed at the time. Now that this Strategic Review is in place, we continue to watch closely to ensure that it cannot be over-ridden by other means, such as through the use of Pre-Gateway, which we continue to oppose.

We believe residents who have recently settled in the sectors already developed are entitled to expect around them, what was promised when they made a decision to purchased their property in Warriewood. That not only applies to their expectation on surrounding densities, (consistent with the plans in place), but also the amenity and facilities that were promised in the Section 94 plan, from contributions already collected, and yet to be made. We welcome input from anyone interested and involved in the ongoing development of the Warriewood Valley, and the wider Warriewood community. We encourage you to use our blog at the bottom of each page to help guide our activity.

The WRA is incorporated as an association with the NSW Department of Fair Trading, and at our last Annual General Meeting, the following officers and committee members were elected:

Chris H

Chris Hornsby


Chris is an architect by profession (although now retired), with many years experience in the design of both residential and commercial buildings. Chris has spent most of his life on the Northern Beaches. He has been the President of the WRA since its inception and is committed to the residents of the Warriewood Valley.


Susan SSusan Scarlett

Vice President

Susan has been an active community representative in all matters pertaining to Warriewood Valley development for many years now, and a regular attendee of many of the earlier meetings on the Warriewood Valley.


Kay Millar





Julia G

Julia Hornsby


Julia was a scientist working in Therapeutic Medicine Regulatory Affairs.  Through her family Julia has been associated with the northern beaches for over 45 years and moved here 18 years ago.   Julia is a founding member of the WRA and is committed to working with the members of the association for the benefit of the people in Warriewood.

Lynne Czinner

Lynne Czinner

Committee Member

Lynne served as a Pittwater Councillor for 16 years, Deputy Mayor from 1999-2002 and Pittwater Mayor in 2004/2005. Prior to her roles on Council, Lynne was President of the Warriewood Valley Resident’s Association – a previous association representing residents in Warriewood.


The WRAs initial goal was the prevention of over development of the Valley. This was happening because developers were making applications direct to the State Government that were over ruling Pittwater Council’s development controls in force at the time. This resulted in the drafting of the Warriewood Valley Strategic Review which was jointly agreed to by the State Government and Council, that served to define the future of the remaining development in the Valley. “Campaigns Page” describes other important issues facing residents in the area.

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