People Power Wins in Warriewood – Read more!

We have had some wins! The latest proposal for another 600 units has been rejected by Council, the JRPP, and finally the State Government Department of Planning. We will remain vigilant however. Some developers can be very persistent, but then so can we! Click here for some articles regarding our battle.

Background to The Warriewood Residents Association

Warriewood is part of the the Northern Beaches of Sydney, nestled between its own secluded ocean beach to the east, and the Ingleside escarpment on it’s western side.

Nearly half of Warriewood forms the Warriewood Valley, that was previously known for its tomato market gardens and nurseries. In 1991 the State Government released the Warriewood Valley for residential development, and development began in 1997 on a sector by sector basis, with the release of the Warriewood Valley Planning Framework by Pittwater Council, following extensive consultation with the community.

The development of the Warriewood Valley had been progressing really well, with new residents rightly proud of their award winning development to date. Then came the State Governments notorious Part 3A legislation, and a developer called Meriton, and here the story starts.

The Warriewood Residents Association was formed in response to this major threat that could have seen serious over development of the remaining undeveloped land in the valley.

In the absence of a proper strategic review of remaining undeveloped land in the Warriewood Valley, the goal of the WRA is to see the the remaining undeveloped land developed in a manner consistent with the original Pittwater Council Planning Framework for the Warriewood Valley.

Unfortunately we, and Pittwater Council, were unable to stop the multi-storied development by Meriton at 14-18 Boondah Road that started it all, but the response we have had from both residents and the surrounding community, in our determination to stop any more, has been over whelming. There are over 450 submissions now accessible on the Council’s web site, in response to the recent draft Strategic Review Report for the Warriewood Valley, that say it all loud and clear. We, as the community directly affected, need to ensure that the decision makers responsible respect the wishes of all these people that took the trouble to write and express their views.

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